Start a New Chapter

To form a local chapter, the first step is to contact the CRA Vice President for the geographic area.  The Vice President map is currently under final review and will be added to this page shortly.

In addition to conforming to the CRA Bylaws (see Section 10), a new charter package must be prepared.  The documents required for the new charter package can be downloaded here:

#2 Petition for Charter 06-15-2015
#3 Petitioners for Charter 06-15-2015
#4 Model Unit Bylaws 06-15-2015
#5 Unit Officer Roster 06-15-2015
#6 Membership Application Template 06-15-2015
#7 Membership Submission Form 06-15-2015
#8 Sample Organizing Meeting Agenda 06-15-2015
Sample General Meeting Agenda

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