The Fraud of “Shelter in Place”

Kid stay at home during summer, no outdoors activity

I found this in USA Today, “But to the chorus from the left: No, reopening the country due to economic considerations is not the same as saying money is more important than human life. We face economic realities every day, independent of the coronavirus. Gun violence, drunken drivers, transmissible diseases and a panoply of other dangers could all be brought to a screeching halt if we locked down indefinitely. But a life of home confinement is not a world in which most of us would want to live.”

We have been told that if we shelter in place and not open, lives would be saved. When Florida, Georgia, and Texas closed late and opened very early, we were told there would be a blood bath. In fact, those states are doing better than almost all the other states. Importantly, people are going back to work.

The shelter in place policy does not consider the reality of the problem. Those in assisted living facilities were the hardest hit. Those with underlying health issues were hit hard. The vast majority of Americans were not in danger. But, the policy meant everybody had to stay home, businesses closed, education ended, and 40 million jobs lost.

Was this misdirection of the politicians because of concern for the health and safety of Americans? Or was it an effort to use the virus as an excuse to see how far government can go in taking away constitutional rights and making us dependent on government?

The proof that this was a nefarious attempt to kill off freedoms has been given to us by the riots that started in protest over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Until those riots, governors and mayors told us, for our own safety and health, we cannot go to church if more than 100 participate. We were told that you cannot peacefully protest with an American flag if more than 100 participate. We were told that the most vulnerable community in America was the black community.

So, as the riots broke out, did Governor Newsom call out the National Guard to stop the riots, to protect the health and safety of the rioters? No, the police and National Guard were sent out to protect property. The Regressive Guv Newsom said he did not want people in church, to protect the congregations from an outbreak of the virus. Yet, he has no such concern for the rioters or the agitators that they will come down with the virus.

The bigger question is whether the shelter in place actually saved lives from a virus or did it exacerbate death via suicide, drug abuse and alcoholism, mental depression, and emotional distress? Isn’t it interesting that government has stopped giving out data on suicides? Note the media is only reporting suicides in rare occasions. In San Fran, the city is actually still giving out free needles while providing the homeless in hotels with food, alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs.

Have you noticed that Newsom and the others that use junk science for environment Fascism are now using junk science to control the population with shelter in place—which I call House Arrest.

The theory is, if you are close to people, you will create an epidemic in a community. Yet, not a single homeless encampment in the nation has had a major outbreak of the virus. If there was, you know the media would play that up as a reason to help the homeless. So, does shelter in place work? Why have it if you can live in a homeless encampment and not get the virus?

The homeless were not affected in any great degree. The rioters were not told to go home due to the “potential” of getting the virus. But, for years, children will be afraid to be near others, have a relationship with people in the community. As a child on Fox News said, “I have to stay away from people because I do not want to die.”

Domestic violence statistics are going unreported by government and the media. The poverty that is caused by this policy is going unreported. We have been told by the Left that poverty kills, yet the policies of Newsom and the mayors has created a lifetime of poverty for many—a killer.

Just as we are now getting the U.S. Senate to investigate Obamagate, the Russian Collusion Delusion, and the corruption of the FBI, Department of Justice, and the CIA which tried to overthrow a duly elected President, we need a compete investigation on how phony models were used to kill jobs and constitutional rights. We need to know why Newsom used his office to issue over 400 no bid contracts—and refuse to show them, even to the legislature.

Shelter in place has been used to bankrupt business and government, forced the end of real education for children, and has allowed corruption by government officials that is now coming to light.

How do we end it? Simply, we end it by opening our businesses, going to church, and demanding school boards either open schools or be recalled from office. We need to take back our freedoms. That is something government has no right to take.