Stanford Doctor Has Nothing but Bad News for Politicians about C-Virus


(CALIFORNIA GLOBE) – Lockdowns, tests, masks and vaccines will not eradicate the disease in time to prevent disastrous world-wide child starvation, mass suicides, outbreaks of TB and greater deaths from cancer and strokes.

Peter Robinson of the Hoover Institution, recently conducted an online interview with the distinguished Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, MD, PhD, of the Stanford Medical School regarding public health policies imposed by California to eradicate the spread of the coronavirus. 

Bhattacharya said he had nothing but “bad news” for politicians regarding his recent research findings about the virus: martial law lockdowns, mandatory masks for the healthy, forced removal and quarantining away from home and shutting down the economy until a vaccine is developed all will not eradicate the disease in time to prevent catastrophic consequences on the entire world.  Moreover, such policies will result in massive outbreaks of TB and suicides as well as avoidable deaths from untreated strokes and cancer from closing hospitals to all but virus patients.