Oakland Mayor Announces Basic Income Program, but Not For Poor White Families


(CALIFORNIA GLOBE) – Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf announced Tuesday a privately funded universal basic income program, to provide 600 Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) families with low-incomes an unconditional $500 per month for at least 18 months.

But there is a hitch – the program excludes poor white families. Mayor Schaaf says the program is only for “Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) (i.e. groups with the greatest wealth disparities per the Oakland Equity Index) with low incomes and at least 1 child under 18, regardless of documentation status. The term ‘family’ is defined broadly to recognize that families come in all shapes and sizes,” according to the Mayor’s office.

The Oakland Equity Index reports, “The median income for White households was 2.93 times the median income of African American households, while African Americans were most likely to be living at or below the federal poverty level (26.1%), compared to 21.9% of Latinos, 15.0% of Asians, and 8.4% of Whites.”

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