Is our economy in jeopardy of collapsing and our lives at peril…?

(OPINION) – By now it has been almost six weeks since we heard and learned about a deadly plague/virus that has spread worldwide – which by political expedience is better known as Coronavirus, or Covid-19. However, putting semantics out, the real name is the Chinese Communist Party virus, or the Wuhan virus.

We learned from reliable scientists, the intelligence community, and prominent doctors specializing in diseases and plagues that most of those at risk to get the Chinese virus are people over 65, elderly and with mild or severe medical conditions, meaning millions of us are at a very high risk. We also learned that the research and creation of the virus was done by an American chemist at the request of and paid for by the Chinese government, which in turn tested it on animals, sold the animals to people in the Chinese city of Wuhan, and within 14 days people stared to die.

Evil and disregard for human lives…? Absolutely, they ARE culpable. 

Some areas of our State of California have been severely affected. The liberal Governor Gavin Newsom and equally liberal mayors of many cities have imposed mandatory personal and business lockdowns that have affected the economy in great proportions, sending millions of people to the unemployment lines and small business owners forced to close without (so far) any financial assistance.

Fear, anger, sadness, all are legitimate emotions due to loss of income, loss of freedom, and our civil rights. Not able to worship at our churches and synagogues, meet with friends and family, and hug each other contribute to these emotions. Moreover, the constant and vicious attacks by hard-core liberals, the media, Hollywood, and globalists against President Trump and conservatives is truly demoralizing.

As people of faith, we have to be optimistic.  We must continue to pray for a prompt end to this isolation, for the economy to be restored, for people to get back to work, for the families who have lost love ones, and for those who are currently ill and suffering from the epidemic of the Chinese Wuhan virus. We must also continue to pray for President Trump and his family, Vice President Pence and his family, and for our survival. And let us remember that from the beginning of civilization, God has always gotten us through.

By Celeste Greig

Past CRA National Committeewoman and Past CRA President