Is Government in California Fascist or Just Lacking Common Sense?

(OPINION) – You cannot make this up. Recently, I went to the “99 Cent” store to get some basics. For the first time, several of the aisles were blocked off, by order of the County of Ventura. One of the items the County did not want sold was “pregnancy tests”. Not a joke. For some reason, government has decided that women using a pregnancy test could kill off the planet. At the same time, Gov. Newsom was banning the public from using public property to protest. Guess he decided the First Amendment, the right to assemble and petition government, does not cover the nation/State of California.

A 27-year-old Hispanic woman in San Diego was arrested in San Diego for the crime of holding a sign during a demonstration. This is because a black minister, Rev. Shane Harris, complained not enough white people were being arrested at demonstrations. At the same time, Gov. Newsom released 3,500 criminals from the streets and another 10,000 have been released from jail—due to the Wuhan Virus. At the same time, up and down California, honest citizens trying to use their Constitutional rights are threatened to fill the just emptied jail cells.

Any wonder so many people have little trust or respect for government?

At the start of the Wuhan Virus crisis, we were told 2.2 million people would die—now it is 60,000. Worse, nationwide, 52% comes from the New York area. In other words, all of America is shut down due to the failures and policies of the New York area cities and States.

Governor Newsom wanted to close all gun shops while he is putting criminals on the streets and protecting illegal aliens from ICE and deportation. As all of this is going on, Facebook is deleting posts that promote public protests. This is the same company that censors its posts in China at the request of the Chinese government. Facebook was known for opening up communication when it was founded. Today, it is known as the gatekeeper for governments—worldwide. They protect government from the values and views of the people, via censorship…

Would you finance the country and political party that created the Wuhan virus—intentionally or unintentionally? Certainly they lied to us, to the world, and covered it up with the active assistance of the World Health Organization. Gov. Newsom spent one billion dollars of your money for masks from a firm owned by the Chinese Communist Party, the same firm making trains for the high-speed rail. It should be noted that the U.S. Treasury Department has blacklisted the firm.

Outside the virus issue, the Governor has been silent about the hate-filled, anti-Semitism flowing at UC Irvine, UCLA, and our other state schools. While he claims to love Israel, his actions in support of the pro-Palestinian professors and special interest groups proves his actions do not match his words.

As you remember, Newsom complained about not having enough ventilators and blamed that on President Trump. Guess he forgot that in 2011, as California Lt. Governor, he and Governor Brown SOLD our supply of ventilators. As an elected official, he continues to refuse to accept responsibility for the lack of ventilators. Then you have the health care field.

Hospitals use part time and limited time workers. In the health field, many professionals are itinerant, they go from hospital to hospital, from facility to facility.

Thanks to AB 5, which was implemented on January 1, 2020, hospitals could no longer use these workers, unless they made them full time with full benefits. Then as part of the crack down on society, Newsom ordered hospitals NOT to provide elective surgery and try to hold back on needed surgery. The rural hospitals found themselves without workers and without patients. So, they laid off thousands of workers, endangered the health of tens of thousands, and pushed many of these small hospitals into bankruptcy.

Is California government a replica of fascist government in history or are they lacking common sense?

I believe Newsom, L.A. Mayor Garcetti, San Francisco Mayor Breed, and the rest are both. They have thrown away the Constitution. At the same time, they show a complete lack of common sense. Barring the sale of pregnancy tests in Ventura County? That person who decided the policy should be fired. Criminals roaming our streets, thanks to the Governor? Any wonder March saw the largest number of guns sold in one month.

Do not blame Newsom, the Democrats, or the Fake News media for our current situation. Instead, we the voters allowed this by electing bad people who look toward the Old Soviet Union and China for inspiration instead of the Constitution. As activists, we have a November election. We have seen the future—actually we have seen the book 1984 come alive. This should motivate us to put in the time and effort to elect responsible people to government.

We cannot be keyboard commandos. We need action from volunteers and the grassroots. You can find the person that will save our future in the mirror.

By Steve Frank

Past CRA President and Founder of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies

*The views and opinions expressed on this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the California Republican Assembly, Board of Directors or leadership.