Is CA Secretary of State Involved in Voter Suppression With Exclusion of Larry Elder from Recall Ballot?


(CALIFORNIA GLOBE) – California Secretary of State Shirley Weber on Saturday released the official state list of the 41 candidates who filed the required paperwork to run in the September 14th recall election. Noticeably absent was Larry Elder‘s name, the Globe reported Monday.

The Globe contacted elections Attorney Mark Meuser Monday about the letter Larry Elder received (below) from Secretary Weber. Meuser referred to California Elections Code 8903, section (b), and indicated that the statute on tax returns says the Secretary of State can prepare a new version of the tax return with only the redactions permitted by that subdivision, but cannot remove a candidate.

Elder is fighting back. He noted on Twitter that “the Secretary of State could have made the supposedly required redaction(s), but elected not to. We’re trying to ascertain the details.” He also said “that Gov. Gavin Newsom has not turned over his tax returns, and also violates the equal protection clause of Art. I, § 7, of the California Constitution not to require Governor Gavin Newsom to comply with the same tax return disclosure requirement.”

And Elder announced Monday that if the Secretary of State’s decision is not reversed, he will sue.

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