How Apportionment Defrauds American Citizens


OPINION (THE DAILY SIGNAL) – The news that six states will gain seats in the House of Representatives and another seven will lose seats, thanks to new census numbers, was widely reported.

What was missed, though, is that the inclusion of noncitizens, including illegal aliens, in the population used to determine apportionment means that many Americans—and states—are being defrauded of their fair share of representation in Congress.

The new census data show that Texas, because of the addition of 4 million new residents, will get two more members of the House. Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Oregon, and Montana will each have one new representative. This will be Oregon’s first new representative in 40 years, and Montana will go from having just one member of the House to two.

The big losers are California, Illinois, New York, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, each of which will be losing a seat.

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