Delegates Force Patterson To Do The Right Thing. Can’t be persuaded, only humiliated.


A few days ago, the California Republican Party received $200,000 from the Republican National Committee. Our Chairwoman announced the money would be spent on the “Recall”. In a memo to the Board, she did not spell out how the money would be spent, where the money would be spent or a political plan for spending the money.

As your candidate for incoming Chairman, I took issue with her obvious evasion and lack of candor and called her out on it. Others joined me because they understood that the money would really be used for her payroll—her personal payroll; you know, the one that amounts to a Quarter of a Million a year!

With your help, we shamed the outgoing Chair into giving $125,000 to Rescue California to Recall Gruesome Newsom. Still, she has yet to tell us where the other $75,000 is going.

Recently, my campaign, echoed by Carl DeMaio, has been complaining about the underhanded approach of the Chair and her cronies attempting to modify the bylaws. The effect of the Mahan by-law amendment would allow either the Chair (by decree), the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee to endorse a candidate for Governor in the Recall election.

The proposed by-law would silence the voices and the votes of 1,430 delegates and replace them with a few cronies willing to make a backroom deal at the right price.

Through the media, I challenged our illustrious Chairwoman to sign a statement pledging not to use this by-law amendment to endorse our candidate for Governor in the recall election, either through the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee.

She never responded—until now. But instead of a pledge, she just removed the “club.”

Late Wednesday, she issued in part, this statement: “…I have asked Chairwoman Mahan to withdraw her proposed bylaw change, and she has graciously agreed to do so.”

How hard is it to understand that delegates do not like back room deals? Especially ones that let her deliver our Republican endorsement to her choice for Governor? Why is it necessary for 1,430 delegates to “force” the Chairwoman of the State Republican Party to do the right thing?

That “force” was necessary for her recognize that she was about to get massacred like Custer at Little Big Horn. So, she avoids her own by “asking” her “plant” of a bylaw proponent to withdraw the very thing that will deliver it.

That’s great political situational awareness, but unfortunately only in service to her own interests, not those of the Party.

Along with that withdrawal, however, comes humiliating defeat. The reason? Jessica Patterson wasn’t interested in doing the right thing—not once but twice in just the past week. Only when her personal interests are threaten did she move.

And that is the problem with Jessica Patterson as Chair. We need leadership that leads, not a follower that has to be coerced.

I understand that Party money from the RNC is for the Recall and should be spent on the Recall. I know that Party delegates, not a handful of people in a backroom, should decide who the Republican Party of California endorses for Governor in the Recall.

I return calls. I respond to emails. I recognize the need for us to work together, all 1430 of us, if we are to win the Recall—and the coming elections in 2022.

No one will be left out, no one will be ignored. Every candidate and every Central Committee will be supported.

That is why I am running for Chair of the California Republican Party.

I do not have to be humiliated into doing the right thing.

I ask for your vote as Chair of the California Republican Party.

Stephen Frank
Candidate, Chair of California Republican Party

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