CRA’s 2013 Legislative Scorecard Rates Legislators

Only Three Lawmakers Receive Perfect 100% Scores; Sixty-Five Score Zero

One State Senator and two Assembly Members received perfect scores in the latest Legislative Scorecard released by the California Republican Assembly.

“We’d like to congratulate Senator Joel Anderson; Assemblymember Tim Donnelly and Assemblymember Beth Gaines for achieving perfect scores this year,” commented CRA President John Briscoe.

“Overall nineteen legislators received ‘A’ grades by scoring above 90%,” Briscoe continued. “They continue to demonstrate their commitment to conservative principles.”

CRA’s scorecard is derived from votes cast on diverse bills ranging from giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants to expanding a government program that subsidizes the purchase of new clean vehicles for low-income drivers.

While the total number of 100% scores decreased from 2012, the total number of zeros increased dramatically, from thirteen in 2012 to sixty-five this year.

“Our Democrat friends continue to demonstrate how out of touch they are as they push their radical liberal agenda,” added Briscoe.

Senator Lou Correa was joined this year by Assemblyman Rudy Salas, Jr. as the highest scoring Democrats. Each received scores of 42%.

Assemblyman Anthony Cannella found his way to the bottom of the Republican rankings scoring only 41%.

Democrats in the Assembly and Senate were amazingly consistent this year in their votes. The Average score for the Assembly was 3% for Democrats and 90% for Republicans, while in the Senate it was 3% for Democrats and 79% for Republicans.

View the 2013 CRA Scorecard Here

The following Legislators received “A” ratings with scores over 90%:
[col type=”lts-one-half”]
Joel Anderson
Steve Knight
Jim Nielsen
Mimi Walters
[col type=”lts-one-half lts-col-last”]
Connie Conway
Brian Dahle
Tim Donnelly
Beth Gaines
Shannon Grove
Curt Hagman
Diane Harkey
Brian Jones
Dan Logue
Brian Maienschein
Allan Mansoor
Mike Morrell
Jim Patterson
Marie Waldron
Scott Wilk

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