CRA Takes Positions on 2020 General Election Initiatives

The California Republican Assembly (CRA) met for out 35th Annual Convention on Saturday, August 29, 2020 and took Positions on all of the propositions that will appear on the Fall General Election Ballot.

Tom Hudson, Chairman of the Initiative Committee breaks down each proposition and explains CRA’s position.

California Republican Assembly


for the Annual Convention in Visalia on August 29, 2020

This report is presented unanimously by the Initiatives Committee: Tom Hudson, Bill Cardoza, Lupe Espinoza, Jim Shoemaker, and Dwight Williams. All recommended positions agree with the Initiatives Committee of the California Republican Party, except Proposition 19, on which they were neutral.

Proposition 14 – Oppose – $5.5 billion bond for stem cell research.

Proposition 15 – Oppose – Eliminates Prop 13 protections for commercial properties. This is the largest, most devastating tax increase in the history of any state.

Proposition 16 – Oppose – Overturns the California Civil Rights Initiative that constitutionally prohibits racial discrimination in government employment, education, and contracting. This would legalize race-based quotas and set-asides.

Proposition 17 – Oppose – Allows felons on parole to vote. Current state law already restores voting rights to felons automatically after they have served their full sentences.

Proposition 18 – Oppose – Allows 17-year-olds to vote in primary elections if they will be 18 on the date of the following general election.

Proposition 19 – Oppose – This is a Legislative compromise that contains positive and negative changes to the property tax system, but we oppose it because the net effect is to increase property taxes by $2 billion per year by limiting the transfer of factored base year values from parents to children to only the children’s primary residence.

Proposition 20 – Support – Rolls Back Prop 47 and Prop 57. Increases the penalties for certain violent crimes and property crimes. CRA opposed those prior initiatives.

Proposition 21 – Oppose – Rent control. This is similar to the previous initiative.

Proposition 22 – Support – Restores independent contractor status to contractors who drive for Uber, Lyft, Door Dash and similar phone-based transportation and delivery services. This creates another exception to the disastrous AB 5, which already contains dozens and dozens of exceptions for groups represented by unions and lobbyists.

Proposition 23 – Oppose – Dialysis Clinic Regulations. This is similar to the previous union-backed initiative that CRA opposed.

Proposition 24 – Oppose – Consumer Privacy. This creates a new state agency and increases the complexity and the unnecessarily-punitive nature of recently-enacted privacy laws.

Proposition 25 – Oppose – Repeals Money Bail. The current bail system has problems, but this measure goes too far by essentially releasing everyone arrested on their own recognizance. Many arrestees will never show up for trial without money bail.