First let me thank all of you for providing excellent articles, pictures, advertisement, and material for our CRA Newsletter over the last two years. We have grown and our publication has helped us communicate our CRA and Republican message to over 10,000 readers. We have distributed over the last two years to the following: CRA and CRP Conventions, Campaign Headquarters, Endorsement Conventions, Local CRA Units, Candidates, Republican Affiliate, Republican Clubs Groups , Events,  Gun Shows, Exhibits, and all of our statewide membership. Our biggest display was at POLITICON  in LA where we had TV, Press, and all other Media Coverage plus over 30,000 people pass by our booth.

We where able to publish all of our newsletters with a total bottom line being a positive income for the CRA. I want to thank the CRA State Board for giving us a budget that gives us funding and direction for the future publications.  Kudos to Jorge Riley and Dale Tyler for increasing our security and helping with our social media distribution. Along with Carl Brickey we have made tremendous strides in our CRA communication platform.

Our publications main purpose is to recruit new membership and provide news and open communication with all our statewide members. We also can use it as a tool to support our endorsed candidates, encourage and assist voter registration, and display activities of the CRA statewide and focusing on local unit events. We need to attract new members to the CRA by sharing the ideals and programs we have to offer. More importantly is current news and updates about the CRA and our units.

We will need your help in the future with Ads from individuals who are running for office, those who hold office and Republican Groups and their affiliates. Plus any commercial ads we can get. More important are the articles and information of what is happening anywhere the CRA is located and the event. Especially locally. The ads will help offset the cost of our publications and social media outreach, 

Out next publication will feature candidates for both CRP and CRA offices so we can give our readers an idea of who they are and what they stand for. Also their agendas and platform as they relate to the Republican ideals and principles. What their goals and objectives will be and how they will develop and achieve them. It will also include Special election information for all counties or cities, letters from county GOP chairs, information on Republican Groups and individuals. local events, and most important our legislative scorecard which because of the super majority in Sacramento can be used as a tool to keep track of those in both the Senate and Assembly so we can use this information to help our endorsed candidates.

We will be working toward a branding campaign for the CRA with the possibility of our own clothing ie. shirts, hats, jackets and gear line for sale to help raise revenue to the State CRA. It will also help us become more visible wherever our membership goes. This along with a new endorsement logo for candidates and others including a campaign package that we can market will also help increase the revenues of the CRA. Branding and messaging must be improved in order for us to be successful.

In order for this to work we must all join together and support the publication’s projects. Every units leadership and members will play a key role in the success of the publications committee along with our board of directors. Team CRA will prevail.

I want to also thank the CRA Publications Committee Team for all the help they have given me over the last two years. Lawrence Phillips, John Warren, Jorge Riley, Dale Tyler, and Carl Brickey you are the best.

On February 22nd , 23rd, and 24th we will need volunteers to man the booth at the CRP convention in Sacramento. I will be putting out a sign up sheet for anyone who can help.   

We are all looking forward to a productive a most successful 2019.

Respectfully Submitted; David Shawver

Chair of the CRA Publications Committee

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