CRA Convention is a Must Attend Event

The 2014 CRA Convention is expected to be the best convention in more than a decade, CRA units from every part of California are all in, electing delegates to come join the action. The #CRA2014 convention is going to be absolutely awesome. We want all CRA members to participate, so we moved the early bird deadline to January 25, 2014. We want to make sure you do not miss a moment.Save money! Download the convention registration form and register today.Here are a few reasons why YOU need to register today and join us at convention!

  1. Regional local endorsing conventions are being called concurrent with the 2014 Convention on Saturday morning March 1st.
  2. The Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel serves the same famous and critically acclaimed food that millions of visitors to Knott’s Berry Farm have enjoyed for years!
  3. We have a jam packed and exciting line-up of speakers all weekend long:
Friday Night – Ann-Marie Murrell from, NFRA President and Tea Party Legend Sharron Angle, Assembly Member Melissa Melendez, AD55 Candidate Young Kim and Dinner Sponsor and BOE Member Michelle Park SteelSaturday Lunch – State Senator Mimi Walters, LA County Sheriff Candidate Paul Tanaka, AD55 Candidate Ling-Ling Chang and Assembly Member Diane Harkey. Both Diane Harkey and Ling-Ling Chang have stepped up to be major sponsors of your 2014 CRA Convention!Saturday Dinner – Assembly Member  Mike Morrell, CYRF President Nathan Miller, CRA President John Briscoe, Congressional Candidate CD 7 (former McClintock Chief of Staff) Igor Birman and your Title Sponsor Assembly Member Tim Donnelly for Governor.

Sunday Prayer Breakfast – Assembly Member Shannon Grove and a Major Announcement coming soon that will blow you away!

(Oh, and CA GOP Chairman Jim Brulte is stopping by Saturday Afternoon)

What are you waiting for? – The CRA Convention is the place to spend your weekend!Oh so you want to know what the weekends menu is and whether the mystery meals of past conventions will return? Feast your eyes on this gourmet selection for the weekend’s menu:
  • Friday Dinner: Chicken Marsala, Caesar Salad, and Apple Pie
  • Saturday Lunch: Beef Forestiere, Fresh Fruit Cocktail, and Chocolate Cake
  • Saturday Dinner: Mrs. Knott’s Fried Chicken, Fresh Garden Salad, and Boysenberry Pie
  • Sunday Prayer Breakfast: All American Breakfast of Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, and Potatoes
We will even provide you with the best price on Knott’s Berry Farm tickets for a special CRA price of $39 per adult and $29 per child. This is almost half off the regular admission price!
You asked and we have delivered – CRA 2014 CONVENTION: EXPECT THE IMPOSSIBLE!(You must purchase the convention package or a meal ticket in order to attend the candidate speeches during meal events.)This convention is not like last year’s or the ones before it.  Download the convention registration form today and don’t miss the Saturday 1/25/2014 early bird postmark deadline.

CRA 2014 Convention – Brought to you by Tim Donnelly for Governor, including major support from Diane Harkey for BOE.

We want you to be there!