CA Dept. of Ed: Only Way to Teach Students Ethnic Studies is to Indoctrinate Them


(CALIFORNIA GLOBE) – Despite the controversy and outrage of parents and educators across the state, last week the California Board of Education approved a statewide ethnic studies curriculum for high schools, known as Critical Race Theory Curriculum, with board members voting unanimously 11-0 in favor of the new lesson plans. The 900-page Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum was ultimately passed in what appeared to be somewhat of a compromise, leaving opponents and proponents dissatisfied and angry.

“With more than 7,000 comments submitted in January-February, letters opposing the Critical ES approach and Critical Race Theory (CRT) comprised the #1 concern about the ESMC,” the Alliance for Constructive Ethnic Studies said on its website. “However, the CDE ignored nearly all of the more than 100 pages of edits submitted by organizations advocating to shift the underlying Critical Ethnic Studies focus to a Constructive Ethnic Studies approach.”

The Globe spoke with a long-time education consultant about California’s Critical Race Theory Curriculum hearing Thursday, who asked to comment anonymously over concerns of retribution. She explained that the ethnic studies “purists” are opposed to this model curriculum because they say it does not clearly abide to what ethnic studies is supposed to be: “anti-racism, anti-colonialism, and anti-capitalism.” Or, as one person in opposition said, ethnic studies must override the “racist, colonial, and capitalist American” perspective. “The public comments at the hearing were telling,” she said.

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