• CRA’s 2013 Legislative Scorecard Rates Legislators

    Only Three Lawmakers Receive Perfect 100% Scores; Sixty-Five Score Zero

    One State Senator and two Assembly Members received perfect scores in the latest Legislative Scorecard released by the California Republican Assembly.

    “We’d like to congratulate Senator Joel Anderson; Assemblymember Tim Donnelly and Assemblymember Beth Gaines for achieving perfect scores this year,” commented CRA President John Briscoe.

    “Overall nineteen legislators received ‘A’ grades by scoring above 90%,” Briscoe continued. “They continue to demonstrate their commitment to conservative principles.”

    CRA’s scorecard is derived from votes cast on diverse bills ranging from giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants to expanding a government program that subsidizes the purchase of new clean vehicles for low-income drivers.

    While the total number of 100% scores decreased from 2012, the total number of zeros increased dramatically, from thirteen in 2012 to sixty-five this year.

    “Our Democrat friends continue to demonstrate how out of touch they are as they push their radical liberal agenda,” added Briscoe.

    Senator Lou Correa was joined this year by Assemblyman Rudy Salas, Jr. as the highest scoring Democrats. Each received scores of 42%.

    Assemblyman Anthony Cannella found his way to the bottom of the Republican rankings scoring only 41%.

    Democrats in the Assembly and Senate were amazingly consistent this year in their votes. The Average score for the Assembly was 3% for Democrats and 90% for Republicans, while in the Senate it was 3% for Democrats and 79% for Republicans.

    View the 2013 CRA Scorecard Here

    The following Legislators received “A” ratings with scores over 90%:

    Joel Anderson
    Steve Knight
    Jim Nielsen
    Mimi Walters
    Connie Conway
    Brian Dahle
    Tim Donnelly
    Beth Gaines
    Shannon Grove
    Curt Hagman
    Diane Harkey
    Brian Jones
    Dan Logue
    Brian Maienschein
    Allan Mansoor
    Mike Morrell
    Jim Patterson
    Marie Waldron
    Scott Wilk
  • CRA Convention Takes Shape

    The 2014 CRA Convention is shaping up to be one of the best conventions in recent memory. CRA units from every part of California are all in, electing delegates to come join the action.


    The line up of convention speakers is impressive. Keynoting the major meal events are Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, candidate for Governor; Diane Harkey, candidate for Board of Equalization; Board of Equalization Member Michelle Steel; and, Rafael Cruz, the father of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz.

    In addition, CRA delegates will be treated to numerous other conservative speakers.

    To add to the weekend excitement, regional local endorsing conventions are being called concurrent with the 2014 Convention on Saturday morning March 1st.

    The Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel is the venue this year, and it serves the same famous and critically acclaimed food that millions of visitors to Knott’s Berry Farm have enjoyed for years!

    The CRA Convention is the place to spend your weekend!

    The menu for the convention is top-notch as well. Friday Dinner features Chicken Marsala, Caesar Salad, and Apple Pie; Saturday Lunch is Beef Forestiere, Fresh Fruit Cocktail, and Chocolate Cake; the Saturday Dinner features Mrs. Knott’s Fried Chicken, Fresh Garden Salad, and Boysenberry Pie; and Sunday Prayer Breakfast consists of an All American Breakfast of Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, and Potatoes.

    One more perk? Discounted Knott’s Berry Farm tickets are available as well.

  • A Message From CRA President, John Briscoe

    President’s Message

    It has been a very busy 2 months since the convention. May, we held a retreat for the state wide officers. Goals were set in various areas. Late June, a Board of Directors meeting was held. We had a great turnout of officers at both meetings. And I’m happy to announce that CRA membership is up 15% in these first two months. We are growing!!

    Many of our members have been very active in the Andy Vidak campaign for State Senate in Fresno. Things will be heating up (literally) in Fresno between now and Election Day, July 23rd. It is extremely important to help with this election. We have an incredible opportunity to pick up the Senate seat; getting us closer to the day when the Dems will not have their 2/3 majority. Thank you VP, Tim Thiesen, for all your hard work on this.

    VP, Alice Khosravy, and her crew of dedicated conservatives are close to starting new units in Pasadena and Camarillo. I was honored to have attended the reorganization of the Chatsworth/Northridge units. In addition Alice is our Communications Director. Two new units, reorganization and keeping communication going, great job Alice!!

    VP, Craig Alexander, has been busy putting together a North San Diego unit. He has them very excited about CRA. And of course, his region boasts the summer social event of the season, the Orange County CRA picnic. Stanton RA President (and Mayor) Dave Shawver has generously donated all the food.

    Ed Rowen, the President of the Placer County Republican Assembly, has kept the CRA banner flying high in Placer County. The club recently hosted Assembly Brian Dahle, who provided insights into the dysfunctional California Legislature. On July 27th, the club will hold a picnic with Congressman McClintock and local dignitaries. A reception for local elected officials in Placer County, California’s most Republican county has been scheduled for October 17th. Also, want to mention what a great help VP, Tom Hudson, has been to me as Parliamentarian. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate his advice.

    There are so many board members that are going beyond and above what I could have hoped for, VP, Carl Brickey, Secretaries, Todd Blair, Rohit Joy and George Park to name just a few. I’ve been pretty busy too; have visited 14 units to date. I am expecting more from your CRA State officers and they are delivering. We are achieving more.

    With less than a year to the June 2014 primary, it is important that we grow CRA with more members in our existing units and add more units. Please ask a fellow conservative to go with you to your unit’s next meeting.

    And from my family to yours, we wish you a Happy Independence Day. When you fully grasp what our founding fathers sacrificed so that we could have the liberty that we hold so dear, Independence Day is more than just a day for hot dogs and fireworks.
    John Briscoe
    President, California Republican Assembly